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Rolling Stops

I don’t think I need to comment on how long it has been since I have last updated this blog…okay, just did.

Sometimes I “listen” to what I just wrote and I think, wow, that was so cliche…so predictably corny. Maybe you should delete that. Nah, don’t delete it, it is you. Then I end up just leaving it there.

Okay, alright. Well we are in the ABQ off “the big I” (what New Mexicans call I-25…why can’t they just call it I-25 like us straight-forward Coloradans?) and live in a neighborhood full of unfriendly people who most of them own extremely annoying dogs. I am sure there are friendly strangers out here, but let’s face it WE AIN’T IN THE SOUTH NO MORE!

Along with a couple of stellar babysitting jobs, I have been spending some spare time running around the neighborhood to find some friendly faces. Every time I run, I am always cautious of about every single driver who makes rolling stops at the stop signs. At first, I believed that drivers out here were used to seeing runners, strollers, joggers, roller bladers, trotters and dilly dalliers. Oh no, no, no, no- no, no-no. No.  No looking both ways like mommy told them went turning right, because if it is clear on the left surely no one would be driving the opposite way. OF COURSE NO ONE IS DRIVING DOWN THE OPPOSITE WAY (well, un-caps that last statement…you never know here…), so I guess that means that no one on foot would be walking the opposite way. NOT. Ba Hum bug…bug. This bugs me. Women have rolled through stop signs and have almost hit me.  Men have rolled through stop signs and have almost hit me. Young and old and of every color of the rainbow. But you may be stopping me right now and say, “Callen, it is your responsibility to see if it safe to cross even if you have the right of way.” And yes, YOU ARE RIGHT. period. (Be patient with me through this rant, because it will metaphorically turn into my real point of Cameron and I’s updates…) I watch those drivers now and then I watch them roll through the stop sign, see me on the corner and almost have a heart attack because they thought that they could have hit me. That is my only pedestrian indulgence is seeing if I scared them. But, let’s be honest, I don’t think I scare them…people who roll through stop signs have places to be and don’t take the time to notice what is around them…they are not thorough. Hmmm, I guess I am a stop sign roller…

I don't think Cam's scooter stops at stop can decide if I am being literal or figurative here...

I don’t think Cam’s scooter stops at stop signs…you can decide if I am being literal or figurative here…

So here comes the point of this rant…

We haven’t stopped anywhere for more than 6 months in the past year and 8 months. We roll on through each military town. But we are different from stop-sign-rollers…we do take the time to notice what and who is around. I am not resentful of this time in our lives, it is a privilege.  We get to roll through somewhere new, meet new people, eat different foods, laugh at funny interactions, notice quirks of different American cultures and be honest quick with people, because hey, we are leaving!. Sure, we don’t completely stop, but what a blessing. And honestly, there are a lot of times I have to decide to look at these military moves as a blessing. Being grateful, unfortunately, is not my natural reaction. But that is another reason why we are here and there and a little bit of everywhere: to be grateful. Gratitude has gotten me through rotten attitudes (ah, cute saying I just made up!). And this gratitude is not a front, it is a decision to thrive in the decidedly good we are in. And above all else, I get to roll through the stops with my very best friend.

The stop sign rollers

The stop sign rollers

Next stop sign that we will actually stop at: Clovis, New Mexico. I know what you are thinking…how lucky am I to be with Cameron in a place like that?! 😉

He makes even the ugliest places, the best of places. :)

Cheers! He makes even the ugliest places, the best of places. 🙂

Until the next time a physical/public annoyance becomes a reflective parallel in our ever-changing lives…


3 comments on “Rolling Stops

  1. Hope Heredia
    May 2, 2013

    I love this update, Callen! Keep ’em coming as you roll along. Hope (of Hope ‘n Gary Heredia)

  2. Joe
    May 2, 2013

    I took that picture of Cameron!

  3. Judy dilts
    May 3, 2013

    nice lead in to your deeper thoughts. it is a hoot to think you get to “stop” in Clovis.

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