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Adventures of a House Wife, Educational Anniversary and Unoriginal Humor

We have been in North Carolina for about 4 months now and it been, well, just fine. I decided to get a job to keep myself from turning into a dripping faucet. Here goes long-winded explanation: in Alabama, my days were full of cooking breakfast, making Cameron’s lunch (taking no time at all), finding something to do, watching ridiculous youtube videos like this one:  cleaning, running, lifting massive weights at the gym, inviting myself over to my neighbor’s house, walking, watching a youtube on how to dance like Beyonce (fail) studying for Health Fitness Specialist certification test (I passed!!), taking a nap (eh, I have the whole night to sleep…lie there for 20 mins, get up), making bread, attempting to bake “healthy” goods (failed and accepted), cleaning my trail of bobby pins (or dispersing them in peculiar spots around the house), starting dinner, cutting my fingers with the sharp knives and then something like that again the next day. Cameron would come home and I felt like a puppy with the leash in my mouth: “Wanna go play?! Lets go to the park! How about for a run? Teach me to play tennis? There is a roach in the pantry, will you throw it away? Want to have some people over to eat? Let’s rent a movie! Oh, wait, we don’t have a TV. How about a walk? No, walking? That’s too fast? Okay, how about a stroll? What do you think about baby’s names? Wanna have one?! Lets go check out Ft. Rucker’s trails! No? Yes? No? Yes? Yes!”  You can only imagine this major motion Dilts picture. Cameron was zonked from getting his brains and nerves exploded in the helo helmet and I was barely getting started. Then I would end up looking at Cameron like Mercel the Shell does at the dog (at 2:36) “Treats and Snoozing, Snoozing and Treats. Flying and Snoozing. Snoozing and Flying.”

Whenever others would ask what I do all day I would rant off a list similar to the above, all the while telling them how much I love my husband. Then, I would usually get something along these lines (my thoughts are in italics): “enjoy this time while you still can” (while I still can? it something terrible going to happen in a couple of months? are you a psychic?!) or “I wish I had time for those things” (okay…how am I suppose to respond?) or “Don’t be in a rush to have kids” (believe me, we are not.) or “Kids will make you wish you had these days back” (trust me, you aren’t convincing me to have kids.) or “yeah, you are still in the ‘honeymoon phase’, you two will become old hat with each other” (did you seriously just say that? I think you may have just word vomited…)

How could we become “old hat”? We are made of flesh and bones! DUH!

I took that advice with a smile and a thank you and tucked it away in my pocket for the days I needed it (or didn’t need it). Usually, I never earned a response like “wow, that sounds AWESOME!”  or “wow, want a day job?!” or “wow, can I come over and teach you how to knit a hat?”.  Responses were usually always advice, complaints about their daily lives or warnings to not have children too soon, or warnings in having children too late…  I got kinda of sick and tired of the merry-go-round, so I started telling people crazy things like I was trying to take over the world, practicing to be a body builder or went on a huge adventure that day. Pretty soon, I concluded that every day was and is an adventure…what part of the world (Fort Rucker),  my character, God was I going to explore next?

At the end of the every day I would look over at Cameron and thank God for all the time we have gotten together our first year of marriage. I mean, who gets that?! I do. 🙂

Yes, you read that right, it has already been a YEAR! A year of adventure. I was going to give you a short summary of the past year, but then I realized that you can see it for yourself on this blog. Booya! Blog passing! (blog passing, right? the opposite of blog failure!). So this blog has already become “The Callen Show” so its time to move along and “Cameron” it up a bit.

We decided to head to Washington D.C. for our anniversary. Stayed at Bolling AFB [yes, yes we did and we saved tons of moo-laa (<–don’t worry, I know that is not how to spell it that way, but I do it because I can)], walked through the National Mall

We are here!

, read the Gettysburg address, walked all throughout Arlington National Cemetery,

Tomb of Unknown Solider

Tomb of Unknown Solider

took a tour of the White House (didn’t see Obama…bummer…kinda…kinda) and the Capitol Building (George Washington, and Reagan were there)

Love my home (“home” has dual meaning here!)

, ate some awesome buckwheatcrepes (okay, buckwheat is grand), went to the air and space museum (naturally), checked out the Air Force memorial (Thank you G.W. Bush)

Thank you Bush for the Air Force memorial

and still held hands across the table.

As I end this blog, I will leave you with my motivation this morning for writing a blog: as I am putting away the pancake mix this morning, I asked Cameron with my back turned: “What kind of humor do I have?” Hoping for a fantastic answer of how clever,  silly and abundantly cheesy I am, I got this instead:”Ah, you know what most Americans have: slap stick humor.” Right away I thought about a slap stick…a slap stick? Oh, oh I get it, I am unoriginal. Still looking inside the pantry I said in the stereotypical sarcastic house wife way: “Oh, so what you are saying is that I have unoriginal humor.” Cue cricket whistles…Well, it’s good to stay humble, folks.

Cheerio! This blog may look a wee bit different after my studious (haha, kinda looks like if “stud” and “ious” were a word that would mean full of studliness, perfect word for my bestie…) husband takes an editing gander at this blog.

Studious man keeps me humble


One comment on “Adventures of a House Wife, Educational Anniversary and Unoriginal Humor

  1. RuthAnn Kistner
    October 3, 2012

    You, made my day Callie. Funny and sweet. Humor much needed here & very welcome. We love you both. You two will never be “old hat.”

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