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If I titled this blogette “It has been a while” then it would be way too unoriginal and it wouldn’t even be read. Then you would assume that I was just going to inform you about the last 3 months and, thus, be completely BORED.
Well I am not here to entertain (okay, maybe a little..) but I am here to use up all your non-FB time and make you think about whether or not my comments are valid or simply way get-toe.
Well you know what they say when you assume? Yeah, I do too. But your assumption of this blog may be right…here goes…

-My parents, Cameron’s parents and Matt and Ellen came out for the big day: Cameron’s graduation! This was HUGE, I mean if I were to write a book this part would be labeled “The Big Deal” Chapter, because it is just that big.

The graduate! Woohoo! Yes this picture is the biggest one of the blog but that because he is kinda a big deal…

3 men and a huey

This photo would look a little better if a helo was in it…oh, wait, it is in it! snap.

I think Cameron just explained something and now it is soaking in…This is called the “soak-in” photo

-After graduation we booked a last minute flight to San Francisco to actually go on our honeymoon! Cheesy description cue: The moon was full a few nights and it was sweeter than honey! YAHOO! We spent a whole lot of money. Period. Oh, and Cameron flew us (okay, we weren’t alone…) in a Robinson 44 helicopter! I wasn’t even scared. Seriously.

One of Cameron’s favorite parts of the trip…the California Mille

Cameron as the pilot and Cal as the back-seater-picture-taker-and-“oww”-and-“aww”-er

And den…

-Cam was gone for a bit so I decided to road-trip with my friend Lauren to North Carolina. Highlight: talking 9 hours straight with her; there was no subject we didn’t uncover. Went to Colorado to visit family and friends. Highlight: hanging out with BOTH of my sisters to find out we are EXACTLY the same as we were when we were kids: messy, controlling, creative, silly and slightly inappropriate, but cohesively (<—I just got spell-checked for that word. I say it is a word. It is staying.) lady-like. Lastly, packed up the house and drove to North Carolina by me-self. Highlight: figuring out that I can drive 13 hours by myself but also realizing to stay humble …I got lost: driving OUT OF FORT RUCKER  (don’t even ask…) and taking State Route 85 instead of US highway 85 (seems legit, but I only went 25 mins out of my way.). I shouldn’t have even mentioned that. I could have a whole blog devoted to my sense of direction, well, my no sense of direction.

Road trip collage of Lauren and I, beautiful flowers of NC and the carriage house we stayed in…

-Oh, I forgot to add that I cut the tips of my fingers with our sharp (well obviously…) knives. I was making myself some stir-fry and held my alien-long fingers under the onion and they just got in the way. Thank goodness for my awesome neighbor Lauren who drove me to the hospital and chatted with me the whole way to the hospital to get my mind off the burning. I am showing you a picture for added fun…

The doc just glued them…it hurt worse than it looks, I promise.

moving on…(hahha, a pun is about to come…)

-We moved to NC so Cam can become an osprey pilot and ramp up his cool factor.

-I got a retail job to practice speaking correctly and take up my time so I don’t use it all on the beach that is in our FRONT YARD…(practically…if you don’t believe me maybe you should visit us).

– We drove to the Queen City to visit Cam’s family and my new family. Highlight: going hiking with my in-laws and Cameron and then getting FARM FRESH produce on the way back! I mean, I didn’t even have to walk into a grocery store! Cameron’s highlight: I felt completely uncomfortable in Whole Foods buying the SAME FOOD that I could have gotten half the price from the commissary….ugh.

Collage of our time on top of Carew Tower

Collage of our time on top of Carew Tower

Do you have any idea how much I wanted to recreate the scene from “Elf” with Buddy in the Elevator?! I refrained myself…

-We went to my first shrimp boil – wait, you don’t care do you? I mean, I don’t care. Here comes a rant…”friends” on FB make their statuses (statusii??) about every little finger movement and brag about the best thing in their life and squawk about the worst things in their life. I have done it. Then others put WAY TOO MUCH PERSONAL information up there but then ask people not to ask them about it…why in the world did you tell us all then? Go tell yo best friend or yo moma! I think I am preaching to the choir…

WARNING PICTURE…this is the part where I start to finish my rant… This picture is meant to be little and on the side because my rants are (somewhat little) and “on the side” (take ’em with your turkey burger or leave ’em).

Where’s privacy?! Where’s tact?! Where’s surprise?! I mean, no I don’t have any surprises when I catch up with friends face to face and if I said “oh I didn’t know that…” then I get lambasted for not “stalking” them…Stalk yourself. But be kind to yourself. You know. Oh this love/hate relationship with the insidious social media!
OFF the podium I go…

– BRAG: we have gone to play in the sand every weekend across the street. Rough, I know. I am so grateful. We are soaking up this time…a part of me hopes that it isn’t the sunshine before the storm…you know? Yeah… Okay, hopelessness dunzo!

BAM! I just beach-bombed the blog with a view from the deck.

Well, Cameron just asked if I want to go on a run (what?!?!) so I better heed the call ASAP.



2 comments on “Highlight Catch Up

  1. Ruth Ann Barker- Kistner
    July 24, 2012

    Callie, you make laugh. I love to read your blogs. I had just mentioned to Grampa a couple of days ago I was looking forward to your next chapter. We miss you and Cal and love you both so much.

  2. theresa jackson
    July 25, 2012

    As always I love hearing of your life and Cam’s life! It’s so good to see all the pictures! Your a complete doll and I miss you like a crazy momma!

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