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Fan Flash

Since I am Cameron’s biggest fan, I thought I would flash this picture. So, it is a “Fan Flash”. BAM. FLASH. 3 days and counting until the stressful, non-stop year comes full circle!

Here is a little poem in honor of my thoughts…(it is not as selfish as I put it, I promise…)

Well, well, well

It’s finally time to ring that dang bell.

It has been quite the crazy past year or even five years if you include the Academy!

And to say that it has been a breeze would be nothing short of blasphemy.

After 4 years at “The Zoo”

It was time to fly into the wild blue.

Phase one was mental gymnastics aerobatics

Learning about life support systems and  how to get their butt-outta-the-failing-plane tactics

and not to forget, how not to get “the Bends”

Or else their skin would bubble and their life could potentially come to a tragic end.

Phase two is where the “real man (okay, or woman) flying” starts

And where they learn not be a tart.

They rack their brains and blood as they pull G’s

While all the other IPs look on with quite unease, wishing they had some Fabreeze.

At this point, UPT is seemingly grueling

While all their non-AF friends are drooling

At times they want to drain their brain and throw up their hands

But they continue to fight on, even when it all seems to hit the fans

Finally, comes Phase number three, the last of UPT where it gets a wee bit more gooey

Where they could go one of three ways: T-1, T-38 or the Huey

Now some may ask, why would you ever go Huey when you could go fighter, bomber, attacker, or cargo?

But why wouldn’t you want to hover and look like a complete boss, YO?!

This phase 3 has had it challenges and gold-star-sticker-days

And when some ungodly winds that hit those rotor-blaZe.

But all in all, it has really been quite super-duper hoverin’ fun

especially when they see everything at only 100 feet from their buns.

As all this hard work comes to a wrap,

I find myself wanting more and more to do a cool rap.

So I will leave you with this totally cool Polaroid

Before I make some sketchy Freud.

My, my, my

Hasn’t time gone so quickly by?

Wasn’t it just yesterday when he was getting kicked off the bus to start “the beast”  in Colorado Springs?

Now, I end this poem to say: “Hey, hey, hey! 3 more days until he will get his wings!”

Cameron doesn't strap into the helicopter, Cameron straps the helicopter onto him! BAM!

Poem vocabulary:

Phase 1, 2 and 3

“The Bends”: decompression sickness

Real Man flying: AF flying (no offense to commercial pilots, lets just be honest, they have to get way more hours…)

IPs: Instructor Pilots

UPT: Undergraduate Pilot Training

(a) Tart: a sour, whimpy, complaining person

drooling: saliva dripping off their bottom lip with a blank stare because they want to do that too…

fans: in this sense, I mean a ceiling fan

gold-star-sticker-days: Excellent flying time

Freud: short for “Freudian Slip”

The Beast: Basic Cadet Training (BCT)


One comment on “Fan Flash

  1. RuthAnn Kistner
    April 21, 2012

    As always. So interesting & fun to read, Callen. THANK YOU. Love you both,G & G Kistner ❤

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