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Popcorn Thoughts

I am eating popcorn right now, hence the double meaning of this blog.

Reoccurring thoughts:

1. Will the real slim shady please stand up?

2. Why do people get all hot over other people taking pictures on instagram and calling it photography? Like I said in the 3rd grade: “It’s a free country!” Am I a real slim shady photographer? No. Will I try to sell my photography? No. Do I think I am cool? Of course.

3. Why do people have dogs when they are not home all day? I just keep thinking this after everyday when I hear a dog moan and scream somewhere in the neighborhood. His boredom is killing me.

4. If management took away the mirrors in the weight room at the gym, would people stop coming?

4. Could I, one-day, get a face-lift and still be a green au naturel girl?

5. What would it be like if I didn’t use my phone or this computer for one whole week? Could I do it?

6. What would it feel like to be hugged by a bear?

7. I forgot. Seriously.

8. How did I not see that I had two “4s”?

Signing off of this rant!


2 comments on “Popcorn Thoughts

  1. theresa
    February 22, 2012

    I just love this picture. I think you need to keep thinking callen.
    You will figure it out….you will.

  2. Ruth Ann Barker- Kistner
    February 22, 2012

    Eating popcorn will never be the same for me. Although, I will be enjoying it even more so than usual. I will be thinking of my sweet granddaughter and her wonderful life with her new hubby. Keep sharing those interesting thoughts. Love you, Gramma “K”.

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Livin' the C^2 Dream


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