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I didn’t do a blog in January, forgive me. But don’t even think of forgiving me for something I didn’t even do wrong. It just wasn’t my time to blog. Okay? Okay. I am glad to clear that up with the anonymous crowd.

Time for some vocabulary that I have picked up (okay, made up) from the past 2 months of life…


Origin: Southern; cockroach infested; i.e. Alabama is roached.

Seriously. Srsly. I am not even putting up a picture of one because I am going to gag…seriously. I told Cam that I didn’t see any in the house recently, and he said, “maybe because it is cold outside [note: Bama (yes, I said “Bama”) cold is 40 degrees…] and they are all just keeping outside in their nests…” Or maybe he didn’t say that, and I say that? We are one in the same right now, so sometimes I don’t remember who says what. But, however, I can decipher my recollections with the following measurements: if it was clever, credit goes to Cameron; if it was refined with flare, then credit goes to me; hence, why I am confused who said it…clever yet refined with my flava flav. Did I just said flavor flav?

Flava Flav

Orgin: englash; immensely decorated verbage.

Well, anyways, then when I mentioned my query (where did all the cockroaches go?) out loud to Nate Jolls (Cameron’s helo classmate – SHOUT OUT!) I knew I was jinxed.Iit would be only hours before I would encounter the gross creature. Well, what happened? Yes, you got it. I saw one! GAG! The next day I was in the powder-room (seems like a more appropriate word, since I am such a person of appropriate vocabulary) and there it was…on the floor. A shudder zapped through my whole body in lightening speed and I crunched it with a tissue, then threw it in the toliet and silently squeamed.


Orgin: Rushan; the past tense to squeal and scream at the same time; a quick loud “ackkk!” It kinda sounds like baby talk of “screamed”…kinda cute…kinda…kinda silent…kinda…

We squeamed a bunch in Cincinnati over Christmas break. Squeamed when we saw something cute at the mall. Squeamed when we lost the desert contest…but hey, it looks pretty, doesn’t it?

We thought so…

Carrot Cake by Judy, Liv and Cal

And squeamed when we (the women in the house) won, or owned the men in an outrageous fit of board and card games. Those men got rummied


Origin: deustchch: to get owned in a gamed, esp. Rummy. (2) winning games played with family.

We played a hoot-and-holler of games at the Dilts’s and the Kings. When Cam and I play Rummy (by the way, we are playing until 5,000 points) and I beat him, I say, “Oh boy, you got RUMMIED!” aka, winning!

The Men in the Dilts, King, and Heredia Family are Winning (just sayin'...)

You know exactly what I am thinking, right? Yes, because you are winning…Charlie Sheen’s “winning”.

On Christmas day, we drove up to Zaniesville to visit with the Dilts. What a beautiful place they have! Getting to know the family was even better (did I just hear you say, “awwwww!”?). No one got rummied, just full of food, family and driving. Needless to say, everyone was a little tuckered out…

Full day:, full day's driving, full meal, full everything calls for a nap...

We were tuckered out too after our wonderful vacation in Ohio, so after the drive back to Bama, we decided to go to Destin, Florida for the weekend just because we wanted to (that is a good reason).

We had a great retreat to the Henderson Inn and then spent most of the New Years Eve with the Laushines, where we went through boatraffic!

Both of our views were quite amazing...


Origin: Boatany; to get from one specific place to another via boat.

We went through boatraffic to get to a restaurant… did you read that correctly? Yes, as a matter of fact, you did. Never have I ever used a boat to get from one specific place to another! Sounds simple, right? NO! We were at the Laushine’s home, then got onto the Laushine Machine (their cool boat) and boatraffic-ed to a restaurant right on the boardwalk! I was amazed. It must be obvious to you that I am amazed by what you would call “little”…I see that as a good quality of mine…yes, I do…

Capt. Laushine taking us boatrafficing


Origin: ellipsis; greek; a triple dot grammatical device to indicate my thoughts running on and not completing, or to initiate anticipation.

No, I did not spell elliptical wrong (BTW, I strongly dislike that machine, just in case you were wondering, but you probably weren’t wondering…)! In case you did not notice, my blog is smothered with ellipsis. Instead of ellipsis-ed, elipseed looks better. The word “seed” is in it and it makes me think of growing things, naturale! For example, one day when Cameron and I own land (God willing, of course), I will plant pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, peach seeds, brussel sprout seed (don’t hate…), carrot seed, oh and milk and chicken seed…just kidding…kinda…aaa, I hope you’re laughing…! (Perfect use of ellipsis, eh? Yeah, you just got elipseed!) Carrying on, however, I do want to have free-range/organic cows and chicken one day! Cameron calls these free range cows and chicken “regular chickens”. He means to say I don’t have to reiterate the fact of what regular, natural poultry and cows are with the word “free-range”.



Speaking of animals…my fabulous husband asked our friend, Tammy, if I could see her fawn that she is rehabing (“they tired to make me go to rehab and I said no, no no!” – yeah, Amy, maybe you should have heeded advice…) Little does Cam know, that it just fed my latter dream…okay, he probably does know…

Unfortunately, Dottie was only interesting in my earring...not me... (unhappy face forever).

Speaking of ellipseed, how about a run on helicopter pattern…XC?


Origin: Kenyanian; to move quickly acroes the country, or, in this case, across wide open spaces. Yes, Cross Country/XC. Cam went on his cross-country ride recently. “Cross-country” is in quotes here, because he didn’t go across the country, just to the nearby state of Florida. Take a look out of his office window:

UPT Phase 3...XC...hmm...kinda sounds like...

oops! I meant this office window… (winking face! I just wanted an excuse to put the latter picture up, so I made it into an “accident”, but now it is not an accident because I confessed it to you):

Cam's View 5 Days a Week

And BEFORE XC Cameron had his check ride. Yep, let’s bring in the Nike® Swoosh…

Cameron's Check Ride Insignia

Swooosh! Well, he passed, did excellent! Yahoo! But guess who wasn’t in town while he was stressin’? CALLEN! Where was I? Colorado.


Origin: Trapperian (get it? Because beaver trappers “found” Colorado!); the best way to pronouce the most beautiful state in the west. (2) the Rad winning state. (3) The state you wish you grew up in.

People in the South say things very differently with added flava flav, but then again, I say things differently too. I would like to informally, yet formally on this post, put emphasis on the RAD in ColoRADo. Not only because that is how I say it, but because ColoRADo is totally RAD. Yes, I just made a corney funny, but it is true.

Anywho, I was in ColoRADo spending time with family and friends and had some great table talk (new family game my family plays at the table).

I love visuals, don't you?

Here was the question: Which is more important: intelligence or common sense? (*Side note: BUMMER! I was going to upload the fabulous video of my little sister’s response and my dad’s quick comments, but I have to pay a bundle on wordpress to do it. Sad day.) Well, I will leave Shelby’s response and face to your imagination as she replied on drugs (she had an endoscope done an hour prior to her response).

Endoscope Prep

Getting ready to get stuck with an IV

Another RAD thing of ColoRADo besides seeing my wonderful family (even if one was a little altered) is looking at the Rocky Mountains. I miss those mountains.

I like Instagram...don't hate!

Such a big photo, right? I know. Earlier in the week, Beth Chisolm, Moma and I snowboarded/skiied those Rockies…that’s right, ColoRADo Rockies!

Cal, Beth and Moma at base of Breckenridge's peak 8

Okay, well I am dunzo


Origin: Cameroonian (That means Cameroonian is an actual word! People who live in Cameroon; Republic of Cameroon is on the southwest corner of Africa. BUT I am taking this word and owning it for my own definition.); a word to use to describe the end of something great (2) a word to imply the end but only until Cameron Dilts edits and refines it…

Until I feel the need to blog…goodbye on-lookers! I hope your days are full of flava flav…


3 comments on “Vocabulary Lessons

  1. The Dude
    February 13, 2012

    Thanks for the shout out! See you guys at bowling later. Try not to double gutter tonight, or you might have to define “Bruised Chest” for next post.

  2. camandcal
    February 13, 2012

    thanks for commenting so quickly after publication! thats not awkward or anything…

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