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Scooby Doo Snacks was the first thing to pop in my head as a title, but I couldn’t justify it in the blog, so the second title seemed “approprio” (appropriate)… I thought I would humor myself and just go with it.

Too much (well, not enough) has happened in the last month. A picture story to share all with you of what has happened, seemed entertaining. It is complete with Introductions, events, pictures, relating articles, references and, of course, my own comments and purposeful thoughts. Am I trying too hard? Yes.

Let’s check it out…scroll down to read it all…

Ready? Here we go! (Did you just hear what I heard? Mario’s voice just said that…

Sometime in the heat of Alabama’s October we got our wedding pictures on a flash drive in the mail from the mailman (“here’s the mail it never fails, it makes me wanna…”).

Captain Mor---I mean Lieutenant Dilts and the Mrs.

In one of the eyes at Red Rocks. I like this picture a lot, a lot.

1 dollar aviators...maybe he should ask for some real Ray Ban Aviators for Christmas...

Contemplating the way I was gonna throw those flowers. Gosh, those flowers were pretty...why did I have to throw them?

Then, on some not-so-spooky evening of the last day of October, Cam and I finally carved the pumpkins he picked from the punkin ( patch. This was our first halloween together (aw, so cute!).

We didn't mean to carve our pumpkins to look at one another, but they did! COOL!

November rolled around and it was time for “Wedding Numero Dos” [that’s Spanish for “wedding number two”. Cameron and I picked up on the language in our time on the border in Tejas (that’s Spanish for “Texas”)]. We drove down to Florida for Ellen and Matt’s wedding; in which case, we did not see any surf borders, just a ton of gator fans (

Can you pick out who is Matt and who is Ellen? Oh, look at that, I already did it for you. You can thank me later.

Then the next weekend, we drove with our friends Marie and Ryan ( to the Blue Angels Air Show. The Blue Angels Air Show is put on by the US Navy. A Popular question is, “Why don’t the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds fly together?” Let’s look at their long drawn out reason:

Current Department of Defense policy states the use of military aviation demonstration teams is for recruiting purposes, therefore the teams usually do not fly within 150 miles of each other without special permission. Each demonstration team showcases U. S. military aviation capabilities to the public separately to maximize Navy or Air Force recruiting efforts. However, the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds often perform with the U. S. Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights, or the U.S. Navy Parachute Team, the Leapfrogs.

So apparently it has been done before (, but basically, the T-Birds are just too awesome to share air space with Navy pukes on a regular basis…

Blue Angels aren't as good as Thunder Birds, just sayin'...

No regular "Facebook Shot" here...

Couldn't they get a little closer?

A couple weeks later, Cameron’s completed his solo ride. To say the least, I was thoroughly impressed. Oh boy.

Look! He is hovering! Who can do that? I can, only in a figurative way, that is.

Thanks to Abraham Lincoln, we celebrated a day of gratitude. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln sanctioned the day? Well, he did ( Joe, Judy and Livia drove from Cincy to Bama to celebrate the long weekend with us.

Cameron was kinda squishing me...but Liv is extra naturally cute.

Joe and his two favorites: Succotash and Judy

Last, but surely not least, this post ends with the completion of Cameron’s first check ride. The man did stellar (yes, it is a word… …did I use it in the most accurate form? Of course!)

Whenever I think of Cam's check rides a Nike Swoosh instantly pops in my head...

THE END, well sorta, “The End” as of 11am today until Cameron comes home and edits this and cleans it up…that’s why I need him. 🙂

Look! I am in his eyes, I mean sunglasses!


4 comments on “Picture Story

  1. Cheryl
    December 2, 2011

    Callen, I just love this! Such a fun way to catch up on everything you and Cam are doing.

    Was this easy, is their a site you used? Gosh knows my life is so exciting that everyone would want to see one of these on me (yea, right!). It would make a great brag site for me to talk about my kids.

    Love you lots…..cheryl

  2. theresa jackson
    December 2, 2011

    Oh my gosh!!! I love this, looking at your lovely lives and all the wonderful things you are doing! You two make me smile!!! I love you like a crazy momma!!!

  3. Andrea
    December 3, 2011

    What a fun blog and post!

  4. Etan Slloj
    January 15, 2012

    This blog is fantastic. How fantastic? Let’s just say I check this for updates before I creep on Facebook every morning. Keep the posts (and free suppers) coming!

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