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Cray Cray Roman Numerals

All I can say that the past 2 weeks have been “cray cray” …no, not short for crayfish (gross…those Louisianans love those insects), but a very endearing, yet cool term for “crazy”. I got a load of updates that I hope I can spice up for you with intermittent rhymes and chimes and tacky, overt confidence…

I. Moving truck came in, they huffed and puffed and dropped off all our stuff and wedding gifts down (seriously…). As Cam was studying away and working through our damaged goods, I was “ooooing and awing” as I was unpacking our gifts.

II. Cameron started training – all academics until he starts in the air on Tuesday. My, my this man of mine is so cool. No joke.

III. We spent most of our Target gift cards at Dothan’s Target and came home for setup time. As I was in my own world of where to put the rice cooker versus the hundreds of coffee mugs, I hear a “Oh, man…Cal, come here.” Doing as I am asked (I’m so good, you don’t have to remind me…), Cam points to our new roman numeral clock and asks me to look at it and tell him if I think there is anything wrong with it…
Okay, so I am standing there and seconds are ticking by (literally) and I am frantically trying to figure out what is wrong with the clock (Jeopardy tune is playing in the background: do do do do do do da do dodo do do do daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….); I am probably taking more time stressin’ out than looking over what is messin’ up. Got it: the four is four “I” and not “IV”. I am so happy, excessively confident over this miniscule, amazing answer of mine and Cam simply replies, “Yeah! Stupid clock. We can’t have this in our house…” Little does this man know that I was cheering for myself inside. Cray cray roman numerals just got owned!

IIII. In the air (error) of our returned China-made clock, I had to incorrectly indicate four…
THEN we drove to San Antonio last weekend and got back Monday for Cameron’s good friend’s wedding (Eric and Cat Gobrecht!). Eric was Cameron’s best man in our wedding five weeks ago so it was splendid supporting our friend and his beautiful bride who just was with us.

Cameron leading "Wild Blue Yonder" at the Wedding

At the Gobrecht/Cheney Wedding at Don Strange Ranch, TX

Long long long drive, short, the trip was well worth it; we had such a kickin’ time! We had a “why not” moment on the way home and decided since the trip was so long, why not just go through Mississippi and get some seafood? I mean, why not?

Who knew Mississippi was this beautiful? I sure didn't!

In Biloxi, Mississippi on our way home to Alabama

V. I LOVE CAMERON. I will keep it modest here when talking about my dear. We are happy and enjoying one day at a time and lovin’ life even though we don’t have a TV! That’s right, no TV. (Ask those nearest and dearest to me and they would know I would prefer life this way…) You can have TV if you want to. No judging here…ahem…haha, oh boy, but seriously.

Well, I LYALCC (Love you all like cray-cray) and TFLTMB (Thanks For Listening To My Banter)…


One comment on “Cray Cray Roman Numerals

  1. theresa jackson
    October 13, 2011

    Love the Crazy updates! The pictures are marvelous and I am so glad that you are seeing the sights of the south! I am sure you will be posting some pics of the hovering that Cameron will be doing here soon. How fun for you to unpack the loot from the wedding, so was the clock a gift or was it from Target (China).
    I love you guys to pieces,
    Momma Theresa

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